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In work the other day...

Quill walks into work and the woman she's letting off tells her the funniest thing she heard that day:

A  table full of nice Little Old Ladies (complete with thin frames and puffy white hair) orders their food--various forms of breakfast.

Food is cooked, and server takes out food to little old ladies, setting out a breakfast that includes sausage links as the meat.

Little Old Lady #1: *looking at her sausage * "Oh,look!  That reminds me of someone I know!"

Little Old Lady #2: "Really? I've never seen any that small."

Server: O.O.... XD

Quill, upon hearing said story:  "The guy at my table just ordered links with his breakfast." O_o

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Quill now looks at sausage links and thinks "compensation issues". Makes taking orders with a straight face occasionally difficult.

In other news, after some discussion, we went ahead and just re-signed at our current place. At least I have a comfortable place to live, and I don't have to bother with moving now.

On the other hand, I'm sad-broke.
On the other hand, I can stop stressing over moving, and focus on something else--like how to gtfo of Ft. Myers...

Yes, yes. Life is interesting. ^_^



Have a terrible headache. It's not quite a migraine, but it's close. And my living room is full of brothers and friends who are playing the zombie-killing version of Black Ops. And the game is blaring heavy metal.

Also: cramps, nausea, general discomfort, and an emotional stability in the black zone. I want to curl up and die.

I had to work with this tonight. I don't know how I managed it.

Seriously...how is perpetuating the species worth this?! In any way, shape or form?

There's no freaking payoff!!!!!

This. Sucks.

Here. Have a snippet of original fiction. It'll make me feel better.

Wreckage.... Collapse )


Celebration Post! (sort of)

No...not really. It's just that LJ is working again ( well...er...mostly), so I thought I'd do a tiny jiggy dance thing.

Or maybe not. You know, if that frightens you.

So, I've been totally busy for some time now. Beside my friend's wedding in Arizona, I had a family wedding in PA to attend, and that one took me a little over two weeks of mad fun to get through. It seems all of my cousins are taller than I am now, but I've been expecting that for some time anyway, seeing as I'm only a little over 5' 2". Within my immediate family, I have ambitions to be the smallest and the oldest of the siblings--it's iffy, though, since my youngest sister is really very tiny and may stop just short of me. *sniffle*

Also, my mother was in the hospital literally the day we got back, so it's been a bit crazy for the last little while. Nice to be back, though.

On the coming move: It looks like I might be staying in Ft. Myers after all, for a quite few reasons that are more textured than I first thought. While a part of me just rants and shrivels in horror and hate at this strong possibility, another part of me is gearing up to view this as a challenge. After all, it's not location that a happy life makes--or so it's supposed to go. Since a lot of it is up to me, I'll just have to see about making as much of the me part of the equation work as possible.

And then there's this. My brother is determined that the four oldest siblings in our family do this after he gets back from Texas.

Considering how incredibly out of shape I've become over the past year, I'm a little afraid. On the other hand, considering how out-of-shape I've become over the last year, I'm a little excited, too. In a deeply horrified kind of way. XD

In writing news: I've been working on my fanfiction, yes. (Still rewriting (over and over) the next chapter of Sachi. It's amazing, I tell you, how many different ways that conversation can go. )

But most importantly, I've been working on some original fiction, which feels really good. I've got a whole bunch of pans in the planning fires, and one or two in the writing ones. As of yet, they sound great conceptually, but suck in the actual execution. But we'll see.  Nano approaches on the horizon as well. I won't fail this year. Just wait and see. :-P

I won't give up!


Just turned in the vacate notice for the lease at this complex. Now I'm locked into finding someplace else to go. If only I knew where that someplace was. Gah....I hate feeling so lost.

Still on the other side of sick, too. Thankfully, that means I'm down to the last bits of runny nose and some seriously horrible, bone-wrenching coughing fits. Had one at work the other day. It was not pleasant. :'(


Futher evidence that life sucks

1.) They called me in to work on my day off yesterday. I worked three hours and made...six dollars. O_o Further, I had a grand total of four tables...and one of them stiffed me. (Really? I'm mean, c'mon, really? Do they even realize just how much cleaning I do before I leave?)

HowTF am I supposed to pay my bills? Six bucks won't even cover replacing my Day/NyQuil. And speaking of Day/NyQuil....

2.) Quill. Is. Sick. The full-blown cold kind of sick, so nothing too serious, but I've had a terrible cough and some seriously awful congestion for about a week now. Just enough to make me miserable without knocking me out for the count. Lovely. Oh, and did I mention that I've run out of Day/NyQuil?

3.) I have one day to give notice to the front office. I actually really like where I'm living ( I think I mentioned this before, but the location and facilities here are awesome), but it's too expensive, really. So I guess, actually, that's not too much of a question at this point. I just have to figure out where to go. That's the real bummer.

4.) I've been working on the next chapter of Sachi for months now, and I swear to you, I've re-written it in its entirety no less than five times and in two different POVs. Frustration exists in curious harmony with joy. I am become...bemused.

4.) Sunday is Father's Day. I'm a horrible daughter for just figuring this out. I'm an even more horrible daughter for worrying about how much a present is going to cost me--since, you know. I'm broke. Daddy's worth it, but bills are hanging like a weight over my head. *sigh* I wasn't this worried about bills when I lived in Tampa, and I still took the occasional trip during summer.

And speaking of trips... (don't worry, this is the good stuff that's designed to counteract the "life sucks" stuff)

I got to go to Phoenix for a gorgeous wedding over the first of the month. It was only a weekend, and it cost me a good five hundred plus dollars, but it was so totally worth it! *squee* This guy is a younger son of a family that I have been close to since my teenage years. It was amazing to see him all grown up and married. I came back with so much of the warm fuzzies and life-is-awesome vibes (also,an enormous lack of sleep and the aforementioned sick germs).

Not only that, but my younger cousin is getting married at the beginning of next month, and my older cousin just got engaged! My whole family is taking a driving trip up to PA for the younger cousin's wedding, and I'll be seeing some of my family that I haven't seen for a few years. I'm totally looking forward to it. (On the other hand, all these relatives getting married is starting to make me feel old.)

Okay...so maybe life doesn't suck all the time. I still need to buy Day/NyQuil, though.  ^_~

Decisions, decisions

Got the written notice about the required sixty-day written notice from the complex office today. They want me to tell them what I'm going to do about our lease by June 19th. My lease doesn't end until August, but they want to know what I'll be doing in less than a month. God, sometimes I hate these places. I hate being forced into a decision on someone else's timetable.

Because I don't know, you see. A part of me really wants to move back to Tampa, where I left all my friends and where things don't close down by nine, and where I felt like a more vivid and interesting person (also, where it is cheaper to live--stupid freaking Ft. Myers). Another part of me hates the thought of leaving my family, whom I'm so close to now, and whom I love visiting on my by-weekly basis.

An entirely different part of me is starting to panic for a number of un-or-distantly related reasons, all of which are starting to really bother me.

I still--still, still, still!--have no idea what to do with myself. It feels like no matter what I do, it'll be the wrong thing and I'll regret it.

This sucks. Maybe we'll be lucky and the world really will end tomorrow. (No, of course I don't mean that.)

Oh well. Back to writing.

Two Words:

Camp NanoWriMo.

(Er, three):


To All The Mothers on my F-List


From all the kids who know how bad we were/are/continue to be, we love you and appreciate it all. Have a great special day. You totally deserve it. ;-)


I officially have computer fail. My laptop refused to start properly this morning. I'm running a system repair, but I'm afraid that even if it works, it's the beginning of the end. I've been having problems with it for some time now: programs that won't start, issues with performance, ect, ect.

This gives me so much sadness. I really don't know if I can afford to buy a new one right now--or any time in the near future. And my desktop is a charming but immobile dinosaur.

Ah, my poor baby.


For akarii

There you go. For the itty bitty feet. ^_^